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Pelles i Sunnaryd -

B&B in active farm enviroment with exiting experiences!


Welcome to Pelles i Sunnaryd, bed & breakfast in active farm environment with exciting experiences!


Get away from everyday stress and come home with country life pulse.



- Take a stroll around our beautiful village with the dog as a companion, about 4km. During the summer you can stop for refreshments at the local coffee shop.

- Forest hiking with Lisa. We walk on trails, forest and country roads. We will see the tracks after the big storm and hear stories of nature and cultural history. Perhaps our Shetland pony will do the honor of carrying the picnic basket or be accompanied by one of our beautiful Alpacas? If we are lucky we will see some of the dwellers of the woods, moose, fallow deer or wild boar. If we are really careful, the siren of the woods or the gnomes will appear.. About 10-15km, variation according to season.


Fishing in lake Bolmen. Fishing permits and maps are available in the village. If you want to eat fish without having to go fishing, visit the store/restaurant in the nearby village.


Come with us to our workplace! Forestry in action! Enjoy our daily lives and our machines. Pelle is a multiple forwarding world champion and will guide you safely. Everything for the real lumber jack feeling!

Farm life

Join us at the farm and try farm management. The two days are never the same. Animals must be taken care of and fed. Who knows, you might have the farmer talent?


Price depends on number of participants, seasonal activity and opportunity. Please contact us for enquiries and bookings.



Hope to see you soon!

Best regards the Johansson family!



Kom bort från vardagsstressen och kom hem med lantlivspulsen.

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